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L  E  A  F  begins with the wonder of superimposed images. Flowers spin in the air over the ocean, a forest reveals a wolf showered with gold, an owl fly's over a rendering of a city. The evening sky pours sparks from the sky.  Like the competition of natural things, a coexistence of wild growth and human engineering appear on the screen while you hear whimsical and inspiring music on the audio track. The following are stills from a current installation.


The Common Thread, 2022


Disclosures in Daylight   is a monument formed in darkness and revealed in sunlight.  Created to invoke and communicate the points of reference at once unique to its makers life and universal to our society, it is a memorial floating like a feather over the Presidio parade grounds and surrounding area where it was edited and site of Leafs home, a transient but striking proof of struggle brought on by experience and healed by new experiences formed by a subconscious mind. A label of stigma for the most part throughout the western world and a beacon of hope that confronts one man using the power of community, the climate of stigmatization and violence that dominates contemporary and historical ways in which we treat people who are a-neurotypical.


Across its three acts the film installation on display at Aqua Miami is an example of the poetics of life, the reconciliation of beautiful elements ranging from sound, superimposed cinematography, motion graphics, and re situates them as documentation of protest and the resilience inherent in the human spirit.  These assemblages are a counter to official claims of truth and the definition of and regards toward  a-neurotypical people labeled mentally ill. The traumas ranging from recent incidents in the news to traumas more hidden and personal.







The predatory behavior done in the name of the state as a stage for the expression of power and ambition on its citizens exists on the margins and away from the dream of life instead of their care. We have ever present examples of neglect, a kind of experiment or humanitarian mission gone wrong.


Disclosures in Daylight   pursues a form that allows for the fabric of reality to become porous, for sound and light to speak truth to power and allude to the divine human core of resistance, and for acts of one witness that are truer to the struggles and shining moments of memory and perception articulated poetically in this medium we call cinema.

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