Leaf McCrum first became known for his performance and virtual world art in the 1990’s at the ACTLab using experimental virtual reality computers developed by the Sony Corporation. Since then, his work has developed in the direction of audio-visual installations all the while continuing to express himself through traditional mediums such as acrylic on canvas as well as less traditional human centered projects using human computer interaction.  Some of his work is archived in ARS Electronica in Linz,Austria and The University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.  His work is influenced by his time spent under the direction of performance artist, academic, and theorist, Sandy Stone who worked with Consciousness Theorist Donna Haraway and Distinguished Professor Angela Davis who lectures on consciousness. Leaf’s major themes are consciousness raising and expansion.  

Leaf McCrum began his professional artistic journey when he appeared on the Austin art scene in 1990's. Since then, he has participated in a number of collaborative projects and has exhibited his work throughout the world. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Leaf McCrum is primarily self-taught and has his own approach to - and definition of - art. He believes in constantly taking risks and believes that inspiration can be found wherever he looks. To find out more about his philosophy, feel free to get in touch.   512.228.2576.