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My Graphic Design Work

I began my professional graphic design journey when I realized creating great work meant letting go of expectations and learned to enjoy the process. Since then, I have participated in a number of collaborative projects and I have exhibited my work throughout the world. I am equally self-taught and college trained and have my own approach to - and definition of - graphic design. I believe in constantly taking risks and that inspiration can be found wherever I look.



Swords to Plowshares'

Rich, dark, and vivid the art of this project for a San Francisco based non profit commands the attention of viewers immediately. 


Kissing Fish

This work demonstrates my advanced abilities in Adobe Illustrator using palettes, design elements, & symmetry. 

Portfolio 2.png


Martian Logo Design

I have a shared vision with my client Martian Studio to show people exciting stories. I chose a bold and fun logo to reflect the idea that movies are still relevant in this era of media on this world and the next.


Italian Website 

Temporary accommodations through peer to peer sublets create economic opportunities in part through marketing effectively. In this project I wanted to communicate the spirit of Italy and all the joy it brings. The scrolling font relates to the perfectly circular design element and echoes geometric motifs found throughout Venice. 

poster for portfolio .png


National Park Poster

This is one of a series of work inspired by classic National Park posters. The work explores national park wonders through classic designs. Inspired by natural wonders I created a visual identity that reflects the richness of the continent. This is an exact replica of the original analogue poster redesigned in Illustrator and fully editable. 


Hogg Foundation


Inspired by Outsider Art set in the urban space that is equal parts fine art and public service this work provides a visual that is equal parts utility and art. While the subject is serious accompanied by the artistic they are united by their complimentary palette and design. 

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