• Leaf McCrum

Healing a House

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The following is a stream of consciousness experiment that has no beginning and has no end.

Photo Credit: This is Juliette Lewis's mug shot so I suppose credit goes to LAPD and stylized by Juliet Lewis's et. al. ... check her out.

Notes Screen Writing Class

Jan 21, 2021

We are looking at this moment because this is when she meets Emily the director that believes in her she is a champion of non clinical strength based empowerment. And you know what..for all the stigmatism mental hell causes there’s a freedom to it from the everyday.


Pam. I got problems I put that on my family cuz my mom wants me to kiss the ring but I can never wear the crown.

Emily - director of day program

Pam goes to jail for getting in a fight with her mother

Then she gets out can't go home and gets busted for shop lifting

Then she gets out and wants to get even and gets busted for destruction of property

Then she takes the deal at mental health court which means she has to go on psych meds and attend a day program

This is set at a day program for adults with a mental health diagnosis

See them others they never leave the coop,they’re chickens kevin

See those girls never date them unless you want to go to jail,

See that guy on the piano he’s good at …

We are in a regular everyday town how about L.A. or San Francisco or this town

How should they feel “ I never looked at life that way’

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