Life's Tale

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You know how people always say that being near water makes us happy? That feeling of delight is exactly what comes along with my recent move to San Francisco, California. 'Life's Tale' is an ode to life and movement realized through a little work of art that depicts life through the boundaries that make up San Francisco. Boundaries in there many forms are a source of inspiration for me at once personal boundaries and geographic boundaries meet and give shape to my life and to my work as an artist. Since moving here I've gotten to know the city and I love it, a place in motion that's different from a few seconds before and where I moved from. I feel at home here and I've never worked so tirelessly on things I'm passionate about. There's never enough time...

There are many communities here and it's important to join one that supports and champions the causes that you stand for. You don't so much find communities here on a map as much as you gravitate towards them and discover them in proximity to them in terms of relationships, interests, and geography. As a San Franciscan I walk a lot, about an hour on most days, and I've come across galleries, cafes, and shops that make this place truly a work of art. The spaces I've discovered are inhabited by creatives that make film, art, and various artifacts in all shapes and sizes.

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