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London, Going Off Grid

Updated: Jan 26

Artist Leaf McCrum leaves his vibrant stamp on his blog, connecting the human experience with the infinite.

Written by: Leaf McCrum

Someone I have never met before is waiting for me in Soho to show me around some post production facilities.

I’m two hours late.

What an ugly American I will look like.

My sister who works as a producer has set up a tour of the soho postproduction facilities.

We couldn’t be more different in appearances.

The lawn is green and the air is hazy as I walk to the train station, it must be 10 pm when I arrive in Soho.

Footage is being scrubbed back and forth on the screen.

I see passion, love, sex, violence, religion, & death.

I want more food, I want more cars, I want more travel, & finally I want more New York.

This film’s not finished, not by a long shot.

I start to dissociate next to the production assistant. She's all heart. My thoughts fade.

Over dinner the production assistant I can't remember her name just now and I talk business and preference. “ I don’t like ...mumble, mumble,... but what I do like, I love passionately which is science fiction. "

She doesn’t know it but she’s my hope. Taking a drag I look out the window. She sees me.

Clearly she sees through me. A car beeps it's horn outside the window and in my mind I might be better off dead.

Working on a film that I’m not prepared for is like having a gun in my hand. First I point it out there somewhere and if that doesn’t work then I point it at the sky and hold my breath.

I think I need rehab right now” because I’m getting off of this train wreck."

I can still hear the Assistant director. “Have you got it together? Well you better get it together” these are notorious words that haunt me.

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