Before the pandemic I asked myself how do you visually express the ideas of consciousness and fantasy in a way that feels modern, elegant, unpretentious and above all relevant? In short, how do you invent the future?

Life before the pandemic sure was full of decisions wasn’t it? Well it still is. My schedule is packed with an ongoing virtual work day with around 8 colleagues dropping in an out and sometimes as many as 15 on zoom all day, creating art, creating graphics, creating video, creating strategies, sending out emails, and virtual cards, doing advocacy work for the homeless, writing poetry, checking in with friends who write, make art, compose music and socialize. Life is still full of decisions. It’s a battle to just contain everyone’s stuff. All day long we find ourselves brainstorming new projects or celebrating life. For years we ate lunch together.

My passion is art, and currently my focus is abstract art When you have form and function in the palm of your hand, celebrate the small wins to stay grounded like dashes up the hill country to Horseshoe Bay or break throughs with your therapist. Working with Aspen Art Curation and specifically Madeline Dunn on the other hand is like drawing back your bow as far as you can and letting it go and then running after it. My work will be in the new show, inspired by trips to Horseshoe Bay and Meadowlakes and places like Marble Falls. There are few things more synonymous with Austin and the surrounding area than art/music; it's kinda genius.

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