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Call & Submission for Art Week Miami! 



Bringing digital art to the art fair! Exhibit and sell your work during Miami Art Week 2022, 30th Nov - 4th Dec ‘22, and gain your unique profile on Artsy where you can promote and sell your work alongside the likes of Banksy, Tracey Emin and Anish Kapoor. Artsy is the world’s largest art, e-commerce archive!


Not only that but in 2023, selected artists will also be featured in a book publication entitled, "NFT’s at the Crux of Our Era ". This is a fantastic opportunity to get seen by art collectors around the world and advance the frontier in digital based art.


Bringing NFT’s to the art fair 


“Calling all artists who are working at the frontier of the art world”

Follow link for more details 

Who We Are

SHIM PACIFIC is a San Francisco-based startup that uses blockchain for title management, art authentication, and transaction documentation. Founded in 2022 by Leaf McCrum in association with Shim Network, it allows buyers to track the provenance of art using the digital ledger and sellers to avoid disputes, while artists receive a percentage of secondary sales.  SHIIM PACIFIC organize exhibitions of digital and traditional works that are registered on the blockchain. SHIM PACIFIC sees its technology as a step towards a more secure, trustworthy, and democratic art environment. 


The technology since its inception continues to breakdown the barriers to entry consistent with Shim and Shim Pacific's mission to lower barriers and facilitate inclusion in the art world. In addition to inclusion Shim Pacific concerns itself with the carbon footprint of artifacts created for the sole purpose of enhancing the quality of life of mankind. SHIM PACIFIC is part of a worldwide group of exhibitors:



Atlantic Gallery Digital

Blue Stripe

Fluid Media

Hohenthal und Bergen Digital

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